COVID-19 : FSDIE extraordinary session

For students facing financial problems due to the COVID-19 crisis

Deadline for applications: 30 May 2020.

Social Outreach


Students in financial difficulty or facing unexpected expenses can apply to EPHE for one-off financial help. This is available through the FSDIE (Fonds de solidarité et de développement d’initiative étudiante or Solidarity and Student Initiative Development Fund). Two applications can be made per year. Applications are passed on to CROUS social workers who assess the applicant’s social and financial situation. The amounts of grants allocated depend on individual situations and funds available.

How to get financial help?

Two calls for applications are organised by EPHE’s Direction des Etudes et de la Vie Etudiante (DEVE) each academic year. The first is in October and the second in January. Applications must be submitted via the FSDIE - Social Outreach form (available opposite). Applications and supporting documents should be returned by e-mail as a single attachment in "pdf" format to

A national hotline for students in social emergency situations: 0 806 000 278

The national telephone number 0 806 000 278 is for students experiencing serious financial difficulties who want to find out about emergency aid and how to apply for it.

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Student Projects


Through its Fonds de solidarité et de développement d’initiative étudiante (FSDIE) EPHE financially supports student initiatives aimed at developing all types of projects. These initiatives may concern cultural projects (artistic, scientific or general dissemination), actions of solidarity, civic commitment, environmental protection, sport, health, student life activities, etc. - the list is not exhaustive. Whatever the type of project, it must not involve research work nor be carried out within the framework of a teaching unit.

To be eligible for this funding (two calls for proposals per year), applicants must be registered students at EPHE, either in initial or continuing education, and submit a project to be carried out before the end of the academic year. Such initiatives are unique opportunities to broaden and diversify students’ skills and can be considered as a bonus to training as well as a valuable addition to a CV.

Applications must be submitted using the FSDIE - Student Projects form (available opposite). Applications and supporting documents should be returned to us by email, in a single attachment in " pdf " format to

Do not hesitate to come and ask EPHE’s Student Life Office for advice on how to present your project and prepare your application.