Accommodation and Catering

Catering services on the Campus Condorcet Aubervilliers site

In order to meet the expectations of students, the Campus Condorcet will offer a wide range of catering services starting at the beginning of the 2019 academic year. In Aubervilliers the catering facilities will be diversified and extended all over the Cours des Humanités:
- On the ground floor of the north research building, where EPHE research teams will be based, there will be a restaurant managed by the CROUS de Paris, open from Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, which will include a self-service restaurant (serving 1,200 per day), a club restaurant (seating capacity of 100 serving 200 meals per day) and a cafeteria accessible outside meal times. The offer will be in keeping with the social mission of CROUS by providing balanced products at affordable prices to students and staff, complemented by more upmarket items.
- A cafeteria on the ground floor of the Grand Equipement Documentaire.
- An administrative restaurant on the ground floor of the INED headquarters, opening onto a patio, with a dining room and a cafeteria.
- A privately-operated brasserie on the ground floor of the south research building.

Student Residences

In order to give students on the Campus Condorcet access to affordable housing and so that they can live close to where they are studying, Campus Condorcet will make available 450 housing units, from 18 to 28 square metres. These will be situated in two residences: one in the north area of the campus, close to a sports ground and the university restaurant; the other in the east area, near a sports ground and the Front Populaire métro station. The residences will be managed by the ARPEJ association, which is already a local operator.

Reserve your apartment in one of the student residences on: