Post-Doctoral Diploma

diplome-post doctoral de l'EPHE

The EPHE Post-Doctoral Diploma is a highly specialised institution-specific degree awarded on the basis of original research work carried out after a PhD. The EPHE Post-Doctoral Diploma normally takes two years to complete.

It is designed as a step towards the Habilitation to Supervise Research (Habilitation à diriger des recherches or HDR), primarily for holders of a French PhD, and as recognition of post-doctoral work done within a French research team for holders of a foreign PhD.

The EPHE Post-Doctoral Diploma is offered in three specialisations : the Post-Doctoral Diploma in Life and Earth Sciences; the Post-Doctoral Diploma in Historical and Philological Sciences; the Post-Doctoral Diploma in Science of Religions.

Initial enrolment

Please follow the application procedure below:

Stage 1: Contacting an EPHE research professor

You can at any time of the year contact a research professor (enseignant-chercheur) whose field of specialisation corresponds to the subject of your research project. You will be asked to give a brief description of your educational and academic background, reasons for applying and research project. The research professor will tell you if the degree that you have chosen is actually the right one for you.

Stage 2: Applying

• Applications will be received from 17 June 2020.

• Link to the application website

Stage 3: Administrative registration

If the Admission Committee accepts your application, you will have to complete the administrative registration.


Administrative enrolment (réinscription) each year is compulsory. It is done through your personal E.N.T. (espace numérique de travail).

Year 2: register on your E.N.T. by selecting Mes Outils > Se réinscrire à l'EPHE.

Year 3 and above: download the form « demande de dérogation diplôme post-doctoral » opposite, get it signed and send it to your Administrator.