Arabic Codicology - Summer School

monday 03 - 10:30 to friday 07 july 2017 - 12:30

Summer school in July 03-07, 2017. Escorial, Spain.

The course “Arabic codicology: The Islamic Manuscript Heritage in the El Escorial Collection” aims at providing the students with the basic codicological knowledge and the research procedures they will need when studying and analyzing Arabic manuscripts, as well as at familiarizing them with the libraries of the Arabic Islamic world in Medieval and Modern times, more especially that which belonged to the Moroccan sultan Muley Zaydân.

To achieve that, the design of the course programme allows the students to apply the knowledge they acquire with the manuscripts. The Royal Library of the El Escorial Monastery houses the most important collection of Arabic manuscripts in Spain, one of the most interesting ones in Europe. Its proximity to the venue for the summer courses makes this particularly valuable as far as the aims of this course are concerned since practical training will take place there, owing to the collaboration which has been set up with the Library. Actual manuscripts of the collection will be examined.

The course will be taught by François Déroche and Nuria Martínez de Castilla Muñoz. The course provides a global overview of the field, thus proving a groundbreaking programme in the frame of Arabic codicological studies, mainly due to its practical approach and to the quality and diversity of the examples which will be examined during the course. It intends to answer to the growing interest among scholars and professionals, as well as researchers, university students and bibliophiles with the international stance required by Arabic codicological studies.

Please note that the course will be taught in English.