Centre d'Études Mongoles et Sibériennes (CEMS)

The CEMS Library was created in 1970 by researchers in the field and mainly consisted of works that they had brought back from their field missions and of exchanges of the Études mongoles review with other periodicals. The themes covered include: ethnology, oral literature, languages, religions, history, politics, and economy. There are currently over 6,000 volumes in the fonds, mainly in Mongolian and Russian.


  • The CEMS is a research center that welcomes students (EPHE, EHESS, INALCO, etc.) and foreign researchers who work in the field. The CEMS also organizes study days and a monthly research workshop
  • The Études mongoles review, created in 1970 and now entitled Études Mongoles & Sibériennes, Centrasiatiques & Tibétaines EMSCAT, is published by the CEMS and to date comprises 46 issues
  • Furthermore, as a result of the development of research in both Mongolia and Siberia, the CEMS launched its Nord-Asie collection in 2008