Bibliothèque Michel Fleury, Sciences historiques et philologiques

Its book collections consist of acquisitions and donations, as well as duplicates from the Sorbonne Library:

  • an ancient collection which dates from the origins
  • a large general collection listed by format
  • an archive of diplomas and dissertations from the section
  • a non-exhaustive archive of DEA (Master of Advanced Studies) and Master’s degree theses

Specialized Collections

  • Fonds Graux (Greek philology and Greek-Roman sources)
  • Fonds Vaudeville (Indianism during Medieval and modern times)
  • Fonds Gaston Paris (Roman philology)
  • Fonds Louis Robert (Greek epigraphy)
  • Fonds Montet (Egyptology)
  • Fonds Meillet (linguistics and comparative grammar)
  • Fonds Jacques André (Latin studies)
  • Fonds Delamarre (Greek linguistics)
  • Fonds Celtic
  • Fonds Châtelain (paleography)


  • Historical and Philological Sciences
  • In particular Greek-Roman Antiquity (specifically epigraphy), Egyptology, European Middle Ages, ancillary sciences of history, linguistics, Indian studies