The École Pratique des Hautes Études’ archives reflect its different functions and activities from 1868 until today. As such, certain historical archive collections per section have been closed since the reform of the School’s statutes in 2005 which formally acknowledged centralized administration management, and a collection for contemporary archives.

The School, founded by imperial decree on July 31, 1868, was divided into four sections:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Natural History and Physiology
  • Historical and Philological Sciences

A 5th section, Religious Sciences, was added in 1886 and a 6th section, Economic and Social Sciences, was added in 1947, becoming the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in 1975.

Archives held at the EPHE

Institutional Archives:

3 EPHE: Archive from the Life and Earth Sciences section
4 EPHE: Archive from the Historical and Philological Sciences section
5 EPHE: Archive from the Religious Sciences section
Since 2005: united in a single Archive.

Researcher and Learned Society Archives (non-exhaustive list):

The EPHE Archive Department holds several archives from persons and learned societies, submitted by those employed by the School or donated, bequeathed or deposited at the School. Their composition and their extent vary greatly. Research tools are available online as and when they are developed in the Online Catalogue of Higher Education Archives and Manuscripts (Calames)

- Fonds Jacques André
- Fonds Pierre Bourdieu
- Fonds André Chatelain
- Fonds Henry Corbin
- Fonds Pierre Geoltrain
- Fonds Arthur Giry
- Fonds Antoine et Claire Guillaumont (Online inventory)
- Fonds Bernard Le Clère
- Fonds Lebas
- Fonds Michel Lejeune
- Fonds Claude Lepage
- Fonds Jules Leroy
- Fonds Ferdinand Lot
- Fonds Jean Orcibal
- Fonds Gaston Paris
- Fonds Société de linguistique de Paris
- Fonds Société des études éthiopiennes
- Fonds Société Ernest Renan
- Fonds Michel Terrasse
- Fonds Charlotte Vaudeville

Archives Held in Other Institutions

The French National Archives hold the School creation archives, and the 1st and 2nd section archives in F17 13614 to 13618.

All 6th section archives are held by the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) Archives Department.

Faculty private archives are mainly held in the French National Archives, Bibliothèque nationale de France and in the Institut de France.