The EPHE PhD Program is strongly international, with approximately 45% of students coming from abroad. A Master’s degree is required for applying to the Program; for Master’s degrees awarded at institutions outside the Bologna Process area, there is an equivalence system based on individual assessment by the Admissions Committee of the Doctoral School.

EPHE offers a number of 3-year doctoral scholarships, or contrats doctoraux. To be considered for these scholarships, students must first submit a research project supported by a prospective EPHE doctoral supervisor; this is followed by an oral presentation before a jury at auditions organized from late June to early July. The EPHE is unable to provide travel and accommodation costs but auditions can in certain cases be arranged by videoconference.

Applicants who are granted a doctoral scholarship are automatically enrolled in the PhD Program. Other candidates must follow the standard enrollment procedure whereby applications are examined by the Admission Committee at sessions in October and November. In all cases, candidates should first contact a prospective supervisor in the relevant subject before starting administrative procedures.

All aspects of the PhD Program are managed by the Doctoral School.

International Co-supervision of Dissertations

The EPHE PhD Program encourages international individual co-supervising agreements, known as cotutelles, with other universities. Cotutelles lead to the award of a double PhD, one from the EPHE and one from the partner university, for a single dissertation and oral defense before a joint jury. Co-supervision agreements are formally signed after enrollment in the EPHE PhD Program and at the partner university although the process can be started prior to enrollment.

For queries as regards to drafting the co-supervision agreement: please contact the International Relations Department.

For administrative and pedagogical registration: please contact the Teaching and Student Life Department (DEVE).

Students who have concluded a co-supervision agreement must also complete the annual administrative registration via the Teaching and Student Life Department (DEVE - Direction des enseignements et de la vie étudiante) within the required timeframe.

Agreement templates: please contact the International Relations Department for the agreement negotiation phase.

Individual Hosting Agreement for a Study Period

The EPHE also welcomes international students for periods of doctoral research and training without enrolling in the PhD Program.

The Individual Hosting Agreement (Convention individuelle d’accueil) is a contractual document concluded between the foreign student, his home institution and the EPHE. It provides a legal framework for the intended stay and grants the applicant EPHE student status.

Please contact the International Relations Department for the agreement negotiation phase.