Master’s Degrees

The program is aimed at foreign students (Master’s level) who would like to study at the EPHE.

Erasmus+ “Higher Education Mobility”

European students who would like to benefit from Erasmus+ study or placement mobility at the EPHE are selected by their home institution.

The EPHE will only take student requests into consideration if it has been formally announced by their home institution. The closing date for applying to the EPHE: June 15 for the first semester, December 31 for the second semester.

Students selected will be informed by email of the procedure to follow to complete final registration and arrangements for their welcoming to the EPHE.

The EPHE does not have accommodation facilities or a campus for its students but it has a quota of living quarters reserved at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) and at the CROUS Center in Paris.

Science oriented language training (French as a foreign language, English, German) is provided each semester as part of the Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Erasmus+ “International Credit Mobility”

The Erasmus+ “International Credit Mobility” enables students enrolled in foreign institutions, which have implemented a joint thematic project with the EPHE, to undertake a study period at the EPHE.

Just as for the program Higher Education mobility, students selected by their home institution will be informed by email of the procedure to follow to complete final registration and of arrangements for welcoming them to the EPHE.

Individual Hosting Agreement for a Study Period

The Individual Hosting Agreement (Convention individuelle d’accueil) is a contractual document concluded between the foreign student, their home institution and the EPHE. It provides a legal framework for the intended stay and grants the applicant EPHE student status.

Contact the International Relations Department for information concerning the agreement negotiation phase.

Financing a Master’s Degree

N.B. this section is intended for foreign students who would like to study for their Master’s Degree at the EPHE.

- CampusBourses: This is a directory of grant programs that provides detailed information on existing grant programs. CampusBourses provides information on financial aid and tailors the search to suit your needs. The directory presents programs from governmental institutions, from local authorities, from businesses, foundations and higher education institutions. Online access:

- Île-de-France Master’s Degree Grants: This program is open to newly-arrived foreign students (i.e. not yet registered at the EPHE and non-residents of France), no older than 30 years of age in the year they are selected, who would like to study for a non-apprenticeship, non-block-release Master’s degree as initial training in a higher education institution in the Île-de-France region (regardless of the field of study chosen). The program is open to all nationalities. Preference is, however, given to applicants from priority cooperation areas decentralized from the Île-de-France region. Call for online applications.